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Voss Industries Statement

Statement by Voss Industries, Inc., Construction Services

Mr. Anthony Mugavero, AIA, Project Manger for the University of Southern California, best summed up the Gamble House’s restoration mission by stating, “Projects like this only come around once in a career.”

Voss Industries was elated when it had learned that it was awarded the contract to restore the Gamble House. Voss Industries knew it would be able to carry out the project’s scope of requirements within timeframe and budget, however, the project itself was a daunting task in terms of completion without worker injury or damage to the property.

The biggest stumbling block Voss Industries encountered, was coming up with a protection plan that would protect the Gamble House during restoration, yet ensured that timely work could be performed without occupational hazard to workers & property. In the early drafts of the protection plan, several revisions were installed to create an environment that supported the project’s scope, but also protected the workers and property.

Specific areas that were covered under the protection plan included:

  • General Guidelines
  • Scaffolding
  • Abatement
  • HV/AC
  • Roofing
  • Conservation

Once the protection plan was in place, subcontractor training and weekly meetings would be required with all workers to ensure that all facets of the protection plan would be carried out. Voss Industries strived to implore all project workers to labor as a team and to work in unison with one another. In so doing, no problems of any kind came to fruition between any of the subcontractors. There were no accidental injuries to any of the workers due to the diligence of the protection plan. The protection plan was also designed to protect Gamble House inhabitants and visitors since it was open to the public for tours during its restoration.

Actual restoration work of the Gamble House was very well thought-out in terms of administration, application & treatment of the various wood members, and the preservation of other historic elements. So well in fact was pre-restoration planning performed, that Voss’ main objective was to bring about the completion of this project within its allotted timeframe. Voss Industries did this by:

  • Providing professional and talented teams of subcontractors
  • Verifying that all subcontractors conformed to project plans & specifications
  • Administration of various aspects of different trades and workmanship
  • Ensuring that at no time, was the quality of work ever compromised
  • Scheduling trades so that work was performed without confusion or turmoil
  • Keeping costs within budget, yet keeping the work within schedule

This foresight in planning was due in part, to the dedicated work which was provided by the conservator, John Griswold, as well as other consultants such as Peyton Hall, AIA, of Historic Resources Group, the architect, Kelly Sutherlin McLeod and Gamble House staff. Pre-restoration planning also made for unproblematic scheduling of different trades, resources, and materials.

From time to time, various anomalies were presented calling for the expertise of one of the consultants or Gamble House (principal) staff. As solutions to these anomalies were implemented, never once were there any ambiguities as to how any solution was intended to be carried out. These deliberate, yet accurate managerial actions, should serve as a credit of professionalism to the team of staff which overlooked the project including, Edward Bosley, Gamble House Director, and Anthony Mugavero, AIA, Project Manager, for the University of Southern California.

Voss Industries reflects upon this project with honor and respect for the opportunity to work in partnership with the afore mentioned consultants and staff. One only now has to look at the gleaming Gamble House to see that this project was more than just a job… it was an adventure!