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An Old Lantern for the Gamble House

Originally published in Style 1900 Magazine in 2005

The restoration of Greene and Greene’s famed Pasadena bungalow was well underway in January, 2005, when a lucky find came along. Bryan Mead, a collector and dealer who lives in Pasadena’s Bungalow Heaven, purchased a lighting fixture that looked very Greene and Greene on eBay. Uncertain of its authenticity, he was shocked to discover upon personal examination that it was a perfect match to the lanterns hanging on the exterior of The Gamble House. Experts, including Gamble House director, Ted Bosley, verified that was indeed a vintage piece. Mead subsequently learned that three Gamble House lanterns were stolen in the early 1970s. The eBay seller believes that the fixture came from a house in San Diego that was demolished in the early 1970s but had no physical evidence to prove the story true or false.

Mead has agreed to give the lanterns to the Gamble House, which offered to reimburse his purchase price and give him the reproduction lantern that has been hanging on the house for the past 35 years. A gala event is planned for later this year to celebrate the placement of the authentic fixture on the front porch.

If you know know of Greene and Greene lanterns that could be original to the Gamble House, please contact the Gamble House: tel. (626) 793-3334 or gamblehs@usc.edu.


COMING HOME: Bryan Mead (right) presents the lantern he purchased on eBay to Gamble House Director Ted Bosley. It will replace the reproduction overhead.