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Our Stories

The Gamble House Docent Council’s oral history project gathers and preserves the first-person accounts that bring the past to life.

Gamble House Cookbook History

AN ALMOST DEFINITIVE HISTORY OF GAMBLE HOUSE COOKBOOKS By Barbara Harris Cury, Gamble House History Committee One in a series of History Committee presentations chronicling the evolution and contributions of the Docent Council. When The Gamble House Docent Council went to work in 1966, then as now Docents were eager to pepper their main Docent activities of housekeeping and touring with social occasions to welcome professionals and the community to …Read More

Woodwork Leads to a Passion for Greene & Greene

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES:  JACK STUMPF His Love of Woodwork Leads to a Passion for Greene & Greene By Mary Quinn-Lumsden, Gamble House History Committee Jack Stumpf’s woodworking hobby began as a 10-year-old when, mesmerized, he witnessed the talents of his grandfather—a woodworker, carpenter, and quite resourceful craftsman who made his own tools. When Jack was a sophomore in high school, his parents bought him an old lathe. That magic …Read More

Picturing a Legacy

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: JEANETTE THOMAS Picturing a Legacy That Put The Gamble House in a New Light By Bobbi Mapstone, Gamble House History Committee I interviewed Jeanette Thomas on July 6, 2006, while I was on staff as PR and Marketing Manager at The Gamble House. Then, as now, she held a place of honor in Docent Council lore and my oral history experience compelled me to get …Read More

Gamble House Journey Brings Her the World

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: ELIZABETH SAMSON Gamble House Journey Brings Her the World By Mary Quinn-Lumsden, Gamble House History Committee A seasoned docent with a decade of experience at the Getty Villa, Elizabeth Samson was in search of a change. After looking into a museum or two in the L.A. area, she came upon an open house at The Gamble House. Lo and behold, she was quickly enticed by fabulous …Read More

Love at First Sight

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: SUE ZANTESON Her “Love at First Sight” Is Still Going Strong By Chini Johnson-Taylor, Gamble House History Committee Sue Zanteson first stepped inside the Gamble House doors to attend a lecture hosted by the American Society of Interior Designers. Her first impression was “love at first sight. The neatness and simplicity of the House, with nothing extraneous, was straightforward and well done”—a description that could …Read More

Bookstore with a Capital “B”

Lee Sanders and Docent friends on a 1998 arts and architecture tour of Chicago OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: LEE SANDERS Making It a Bookstore With a Capital “B” By Bobbi Mapstone, Gamble House History Committee Lee Sanders was destined for a life in art and architecture. His parents, interior designers and antique collectors, greatly influenced his love of historic buildings, antiques, and the decorative arts. His uncle, a devotee …Read More

Beauty in Motion

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: NANCY ULLRICH Setting the House’s Beauty in Motion By Mary Quinn-Lumsden, Gamble House History Committee Dancing had always been Nancy Ullrich’s true passion. But she had no idea that another passion was about to take center stage… Her first experience with The Gamble House came through a strong friendship with Paula Stewart, sister of then-Director Randell Makinson, whom she met through her sorority alumnae group. …Read More

A Mentor’s Gift

 NANCY MARINO A mentor’s gift enriches the Gamble House experience By Lynne Mircheff, Gamble House History Committee “It’s been one of the great loves of my life.”  That’s Nancy Marino speaking about her remarkable accomplishment: 15 years spent dispensing her Gamble House wit and wisdom to over 300 Docents-in-training. For those Docents, Nancy has become teacher, leader, role model, icon, friend, mentor, and legend.  While …Read More

A Toast to the Pioneers of ’67

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: GLENICE HERSHBERGER A toast to the pioneers of ’67 By Lisa Reitzel, Gamble House History Committee Imagine that The Gamble House is, well, just a house. Suddenly it’s changing from a drive-by curiosity to a walk-in destination—and you’re among the handful of people who need to make that happen. That was the challenge Glenice Hershberger faced as she and a group of Pasadena-area women agreed to …Read More

Friendships For Life

OUR STORY THROUGH THEIR EYES: BETTY ULLNER Fueled by a Passion for Preservation and Friendship By Lynne Mircheff, Gamble House History Committee “It’s just been so much fun!” exclaimed Betty Ullner as she lovingly reminisced about her nearly half-century involvement with The Gamble House. During that time she has volunteered countless hours as a Docent, served as President of the Docent Council, labored tirelessly for numerous committees, and even worked several …Read More