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There’s No Place Like Home

A GREENE & GREENE LANTERN FINDS ITS WAY BACK by Ted Bosley The news came to me on May 12, in an email from a friend: a Greene & Greene lantern was up for sale on Craig’s List. Even though I typically discover that these listing usually involve modern reproductions, I hurried to check out this particular lead. From the photo on Craig’s List I was pretty sure that this …Read More

Where’s Ted?

Thank you to everyone who followed along and encouraged Ted Bosley and Scott Sinclair as they tackled hiking the historic John Muir Trail to raise funds for the Gamble House Junior Docent Program! AUGUST 22ND: BRAVO! THEY’VE DONE IT!! Ted and Scott have reached Mount Whitney. CONGRATULATIONS!! We can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about this wonderful adventure. AUGUST 21TH: Lots of movement from our dynamic duo …Read More

The Mountains are Calling

Why the John Muir Trail? Since making it known earlier this year that I planned to hike a 160-mile section of the John Muir Trail, I have been asked “why??” enough times that it feels right to propose a theory for such unusual behavior. Here is mine. My father died when I was five. By the time I turned eight my mother had had a few boyfriends (TMI?), each wanting …Read More

Design Without Compromise

GREENE & GREENE FURNITURE: DESIGN WITHOUT COMPROMISE More labor? It barely registered in the exquisite examples from these brothers. What really mattered: Integrity, Beauty, and Utility by Darrell Peart & Ted Bosley for American Period Furniture Magazine Reprinted with permission Society of American Period Furniture Makers Greene & Greene furniture holds a unique place in the history of American woodworking. It marked a high point in the American Arts and …Read More

Director’s Report February 2014

EARTH WORKS I am delighted to share with you the progress made on our two landscape initiatives at The Gamble House—the Cultural Landscape Report underway with support from the Fidelity Foundation, and a contemplative garden designed by Isabelle Greene, planned for the area immediately behind the garage. The Cultural Landscape Report for the Gamble House landscape is currently being developed by a team of consultants overseen by Historic Resources Group …Read More